[SANSO MASK]Washable, Reusable, Breathable Nano-Filter Korean Face Mask

[SANSO MASK]Washable, Reusable, Breathable Nano-Filter Korean Face Mask


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Punggi Rayon-Fiber inner and outer skin, ultra-fine nano filter’s built-in Filter Mask 1. 3 Layer nano filter built-in: completely blocks external fine dust and droplet 2. Use of 100% Punggi rayon fiber inside and outside: Zero toxic substances and no skin irritation, permanent antibacterial, and cool feel 3. Economical mask than can be washed every day: washable more than 50 times, use for more than 3 months 4. Certified through a public certification authority: Nano-filter (patent-holding and various accredited tests), Punggi rayon fiber (LOHAS certified) 5. Improved fit through ergonomic structure: Improving fit, preventing fogging and dripping by inserting nostril wire, Free-to-talk and comfortable to breathe by the bird’s beak shape 6. Cool design and color, provide all size for men and women of all ages

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SANSO Mask is the best mask that gives light and cool feeling and comfortable to breathe using Punggi rayon fiber. In addtion, it is a safe mask that blocks fine dust and droplets with a built-in 3 layer nano filters.
SANSO Mask is an economical mask that can be washed and used for a long time.
The built-in nostril wire, size-adjustable stopers, and the ergonomic structure with a bird’s beak shape improve the wearability, as well as prevent fogging and dripping. This mask provides cool design/color and size for all ages and is a safe premium mask that has been tested with the highest quality materials.

■ Specification
• Product name: SANSO MASK
• Colors: Black, Urban Check
• Gender: Unisex
• Size: Large(L) / Medium(M) / Small(S)
• Material: internal and external Punggi rayon fiber, ultra-fine nanofilter embedding
• Origin: Republic of Korea

■ Features
• Built-in 3 layer nanofilter: 95% efficiency in collection, domestic patents, the safe filter that has been certified and tested to completely block fine dusts and droplets. The entire part of mask has a filter function.
• Punggi rayon fiber internal and external skin: Eco-friendly materials made from yarn extracted from wood pulp (zero skin irritation, 0% toxicity), and acquired LOHAS certification. Cool touch, fast sweat absorption and excellent breathability. Excellent fit with light material.
• Economic: 50 times or more washable, 100 days or more if washed one every 2 days. Eco-friendly products considering the environmental issues of disposable masks
• Excellent fit: Improved fit with a nostril wire and stopper, comfortable breathing and speaking with a bird’s beak structure.

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