[So Natural] Pore Fill Primer Sun Cream 50Ml

[So Natural] Pore Fill Primer Sun Cream 50Ml


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It is a sunscreen withe SPF50 +, PA ++++ and a strong UV protection and primer covering pores.

UV protection + makeup booster + pore cover + tone correction 4 in 1 function sun protection.

It is a sunscreen that blocks both UVA and UVB, which are the main causes of skin aging.

It can be used as a base with excellent sustainability and natural apricot color.

With the sebum control effect, it is produced with the finishing without shine and tackiness.

It covers pores and irregularities on the skin and is perfectly close to the skin.

Sunscreen + Primer + Base This is a product that solves complex steps in one.

In addition to outdoor activities and outdoor exposures, PA ++++ also strongly blocks life-form UV rays penetrating deep into the skin.

Suggested Use
1. 30 minutes before going to the last step of foundation care or before going out, apply an appropriate amount to the face and spread it evenly without rolling.

2. At the time of make-up, it takes an appropriate amount to the primer and the base stage and spreads evenly on the face to enhance the make-up sustainability.

3. You do not need to use it in your daily life, but when you are outdoors, it can be effectively blocked by applying it every 4 to 5 hours.


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Before Makeup, Face Makeup, Makeup Primer, Primer

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All Skin Types

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Men & Women

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