SOON Hinoki Spray 500 ml – Natural Cypress Scent

SOON Hinoki Spray 500 ml – Natural Cypress Scent


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 Natural cypress oil, not artificial scents, can be used to feel the scent of nature.
Capacities of 100ml, 500ml, 1L refill containers, and 2L refill packs are available.
Instead of covering bad smells with scents, sterilize the causative bacteria of the odor and break down the causative bacteria to solve the problem.

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Premium cypress germ repellent with natural forest scent
■ Natural scented cypress in the forest
It’s not a stimulating artificial scent, but a clear, refreshing cypress scent filled with phytoncide.

■ Sterilization deodorization
It is not just a scent-covered deodorization, but it sterilizes causative bacteria and decomposes causative odors to essentially take them away.
(deodorization test 完 / sterilization test 完)

■ Reliable component
18 types of harmful substances including CMIT/MIT are not detected and surfactant is not detected.
You can use it anywhere, such as bedding, clothing, or indoor space. It can be used with elderly people, pets, and children with weak immune systems.

■ Affordable High Capacity
Up to 4x more capacity than other companies, so you can use it without worry. It has 100ml size for travel and carry, 1L refill, 2L large refill, etc.

■ Various places to use
It can be used in beddings such as clothing, pillows, blankets, etc., inside the house, interior space, toilet, vehicle interior, etc. where sterilization is required.

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