SOON Toy Cleaner 500 ml – Toy cleaning and Sterilizing

SOON Toy Cleaner 500 ml – Toy cleaning and Sterilizing


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Reveals transparent ingredients with simple ingredients. No synthetic chemical additives are included.
No foam-causing surfactant components and fragrances are added, leaving no foam or scent after cleaning.

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Toy tenderloin cleaning and sterilizing, toy cleaner
■ Strong cleaning
Microcluster particles smaller than water penetrate quickly and deeply into the contaminants, removing them from the surface, and breaking them down into smaller pieces. A highly active cluster that quickly and forcefully wipes out old and steamed toys.

■ 99% sterilization
99.99% sterilization of E. coli, 98.52% sterilization of staphylococcus sulfide, 99.99% sterilization of rust bacteria, 99.99% sterilization of salmonella bacteria
99% sterilization in 30 seconds, including toys that a child bites and sucks every day, and even invisible bacteria.
(Anti-bacterial Force Test Report 完)

■ Reliable components without chemical additives
No alcohol, no preservatives, no surfactants, no harmful substances including CMIT/MIT
Unlike the process of making general chemical cleaners, manufactured without surfactants, spices, and other additives using water ionization techniques.
toy cleaner does not contain any surfactants, preservatives, pigments, or spices, leaving no residue.
(CMIT/MIT Not Detected / Surfactant Not Detected / 14 Hazardous Substances Not Detected / Skin irritation Test 테스트)

■ Easy use
It can be easily managed by spraying and wiping children’s toys that are difficult to wash, dolls that are cumbersome to wash every time, cloth toys such as bags, baby mats that are too bulky to clean, and smartphones that you see and touch every day.

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