Veggie Cleaner 500 ml

SOON Veggie Cleaner 500 ml – Vegetable Cleaners

Veggie Cleaner 500 ml

SOON Veggie Cleaner 500 ml – Vegetable Cleaners


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Use as a fruit vegetable cleaning solution as a liquid cleaner, not as an over-vegetable soda or powder form.
Spray-type, easy-to-use. fruit and vegetable cleanser to finish with spray, soaking, and cleaning.

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[veggie cleaner with no worries about residual pesticides]

  1. Strong removal of pesticide residues
    Veggie cleaners made by ionizing water consist of nanoparticles (clusters) smaller than water.
    A highly active cluster penetrates residual pesticides and pollutants quickly and deeply, removes them, and decomposes them into small pieces.
  2. Sterilizing
    In addition to the contaminants on the fruit, it suppresses 99% of human harmful bacteria within 30 seconds.
    E. coli 99.99% antibacterial, amber staphylococcus 98.52% antibacterial, Bacillus pyocyaneus 99.99% antibacterial, salmonella 99.99% antibacterial (Anti-bacterial Force Test Report 完)
  3. Prevention of Corruption and Maintaining Freshness
    Eliminating corrupt pollutants increases product freshness and lengthens storage period
  4. safe component
    No chemical additives, no surfactants, no harmful substances including CMIT/MIT
    veggie cleaner does not contain any additives, leaving no residue. (Class I cleaner / Surfactant Not Detected / 14 Hazardous Substances Not Detected / Skin irritation Test 完)
  5. Ease of use
    Spray with a simple spray type and wash lightly under running water.

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