The Skin House Wrinkle Eye Cream Plus 30ml

The Skin House Wrinkle Eye Cream Plus 30ml


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-Certified for its anti-wrinkle function
-High-moisturizing eye cream

The eye cream for smooth and tight skin around the eyes
Tight skin around the eyes is the best point to have a boyish face! Wrinkle Eye Cream Plus is a highly concentrated anti-aging eye cream which intensively cares the skin around the eyes to elaborate an elastic skin. It is certified for its anti-wrinkle function, and contains highly concentrated collagen patent composition and adenosine. Adenosine is prescribed as an “anti-wrinkle functional cosmetics material” by the Korea Food and Drug Administration that promotes the synthesis of collagen inside the thick skin to help improving wrinkles and promoting elasticity, and is effective for improving aged skin. Collagen is one of the 3 ingredients composing skin and the chief ingredient of this natural elastic fiber is protein including amino acid. It supports the foundation of skin and maintains elasticity. This intensive eye cream supplies moisture and nutrition at the same time every day to the skin around the eyes which is easy to form wrinkles. It is also a highly concentrated sticky texture; however it is absorbed fast without greasiness that elaborates moist expression of the eyes all day long without stickiness.


Type : Eye cream
Capacity : 30ml
Suitable for : Weak and dropped skin
Main Ingredients : Collagen Extract, Adenosine, Snail Secretion Filtrate, Leontopodium Alpinum Extract, Thymus Vulgaris (Thyme) Extract

How to use?

1. After cleansing, use your regular skin care products to smooth the skin texture.
2. Apply an amount as much as a size of one ball of pearl on the skin around the eyes.
3. Apply it softly every morning and night centering on the wrinkled part.
4. It penetrates deeply into skin everyday to strengthen the elasticity.

* The skin around the eyes doesn’t have a sebaceous gland so that it is very thin and dry. Because of this it is also the fastest part to appear the traces of aging. It moves more than 100 thousand times a day that makes it easy to be tired and get wrinkles. Consequently, it is important to manage the skin around the eyes everyday regularly from the 20s that starts to progress aging in a sudden.

The best time to use the Wrinkle line
1. When your skin is dry and rough generally
2. When you are worried about the weak and loosed skin
3. When you want to prevent wrinkles
4. When you want to manage the wrinkles which are increasing gradually
5. When you want to have the rehydrating care and the elasticity care at the same time

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