In 1978, Margaretha and Wolfgang Ley launched ESCADA: a luxury brand rooted in confident and elegant femininity, and determined to democratize the exacting values of haute couture. Offering an imaginative vision of ready-to-wear executed with exacting finesse, ESCADA quickly became renowned for its audacious aesthetic – one that spoke directly to the spirit of the 1980s, and quickly found a following from the supermodels and celebrities to women seeking affordable yet elevated designs.

Margaretha’s own experience as a model informed the facets that came to define ESCADA: an intimate understanding of tailoring; an eye for colour and print; a devotion to detail. Within a decade, the house had expanded into a global pioneer, celebrated for its red carpet glamour and refined suiting alike, beloved by icons from Claudia Schiffer to Naomi Campbell. After Marageretha’s death in 1992, newly-appointed creative director Brian Rennie upheld the ESCADA identity while adapting the house codes towards the low-key aesthetic of the nineties, introducing Escada Sport and a pared-back modernity to the brand.

Now under the creative direction of Niall Sloan, ESCADA has entered a new chapter: rooted in Margaretha’s original vision but given a distinctly contemporary twist. September 2018 marks the brand’s inaugural runway show at New York Fashion Week: a revival of the core ESCADA codes, refracted through a modern lens. Today, ESCADA represents the same values as it ever did – bold femininity and democracy of design – but revived anew.

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