We are making shopping easy for the customer through Please go through our shopping guidelines for better shopping experience.

  1. Category Navigation: If navigating by categories, you can find out the specific products. Drop down cateogry option will give to find more specific subcategory options.
  2. Shop Search : Product search engine shows option to narrow down the product search by category. Customer can search entire shop or specific category. Simply input short word, and enjoy the easy way of finding the products.
  3. Product filtering: In each category page we have more option to filter the product by subcategory, price range, brands, colors and other product options.
  4. Shop By Brand: Products be listed by Brands, so customer can easily find the products by specific brands.
  1. “Sign in” with your e-mail I.D and password. Guest shopping is also possible. But for better offer and promotions from, please be with us as a member. So that we can give you best offers notifications.
  2. Add to Cart: Find out the items you want to buy, and enter the quantity you want to take. Then, press “Add to Cart” button and your choosing items go to your shopping bag.
  3. Shopping Cart: After adding all items, you can edit your shopping list at “Shopping Cart”, changing quantity or deleting some items. “Edit Item Option” button can change the quantity. After changing quantity, you must press “apply” button.
  4. Checkout: Press the “Check Out” button, your order is made.
  5. Coupon and Point: When Check out, you see coupons and or points you can use. Choose how much you spend for the order.
  6. Shipping method: If you choose shipping country, you can check possible shipping methods to your country and you can also check different shipping fee by different shipping options. If you choose shipping methods and your total payment amount is determined.
  7. Billing Address: If Billing Address is same as shipping address, then check “Yes”, if checking “No”, please fill in your billing address. After finishing it, press “continue”.
  8. Shipping Address: We usually shipping the items to billing address. In case if you shipping address different from billing address them fill in all blank about shipping information, and remember not to empty required field. When you finish it, you can see the shipping price calculated based on the country you like ship the items then press “ continue” button.
  9. Payment:
    – Paypal Account: If you have paypal account, enter Paypal I.D and password and press “Check Out”
    – Credit Card User: If you use credit card or debit card, then choose button “Pay with a debit or credit card, or Paypal Credit”.
    Fiil in all required information and press “Pay”, then all process are finished.
  10. Payment Failed or close the Paypal page: If you failed payment or accidentally close the payment page, you go to “My Account” and check order History with order number, date and all status. Simply click order number your want to pay, and press “Proceed Check Out” button. offers a variety of promotion section daily, weekly, and monthly to satisfy customers needs. Customers can enjoy special offers, cheap pricing, unexpected gift, free coupons, and plenty more. Keep watching our promotions emails and website for more details.

All prices are based on Indian Rupees.
Product prices can be changed daily or more frequently, even during sales period without notice.
1. Stock availability and manufacturer’s supply conditions may change by market demand and situation.
2. Different promotions have different price structure, therefore prices indicated in can be different at the different time.

If you have any USD point, you can use point like cash while checkout process. You can check your point in “My Account” and you can use point for any purchase order to pay. We give points to our regular customers who order in  our shop. limits an order amount less than INR 500 except shipping cost.
Customers who may want to order more than INR 500, we recommend to make two orders and checkout separately.
If you have further clarifications, please feel free to contact us.