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IOPE values the fundamentals of cosmetics. IOPE’s philosophy and goal are to provide highly reliable, proven and safe skincare solutions.
Since 1999, IOPE has accumulated extensive data from over 13,000 Asian female consumers, systematically analyzed their skin data and published the results in SKIN REPORT to provide optimal solutions for Asian women’s skin concerns.
IOPE is a premium BIOSCIENCE brand that utilizes BIOSCIENCE technologies to help women achieve the level of beauty that they have always dreamed of.
To address the increasingly more complex and diverse skin concerns, IOPE focuses on skin’s bio activities to provide new and fundamental solutions. We continuously research the basic principles of the skin’s bio activities and apply cutting-edge technologies and skin-friendly compounds in order to develop products that result in long-lasting visible improvements.
IOPE continuously engages in rigorous research, in order to provide clear and proven solutions for any and all skin concerns.
In 2008, IOPE has created Genius, a research organization focused on skin care that consists of top dermatologists and expert IOPE researchers. Since its inception, Genius has closely listened to Asian women’s skin concerns and participated in rigorous research to develop innovative products. Genius continuously pioneers new skin care trends, utilizing the latest technology and vast experiences. Genius also actively communicates with customers and provides in-depth skin counseling.

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