Leaders Cosmetics brings you the best in Korean sheet masks by combining innovative technology with proven natural ingredients. Every formulation is developed by a group of 15 leading dermatologists - providing pure, natural and effective skincare that you can trust. Leaders empowers women to take care of themselves from the inside out with skincare products and formulations that work in just 20 minutes of “me time”

LEADERS Cosmetics is a professional cosmeceutical company with over 10 years of experience in the global skin care industry.

LEADERS was founded by top dermatologists from South Korea's #1 university, Seoul National University.

Patients from LEADERS clinics yearned for at-home remedies to treat their skin after receiving one of the many procedures offered at LEADERS’ high-end medi-spas.

LEADERS dermatology specialists formulated safe and potent ingredients in an effort to help patients with their skin problems. They deeply understood the importance of beautiful skin and its impact on their patients’ self-confidence.

LEADERS Cosmetics is fully committed to bringing out the best in our customers and restoring their skin to its most beautiful potential.

Mediu Amino Hitch A Moisture Hand Cream,Medi Amino Acid Moisture Eye Cream,7 WONDERS AMAZONIAN ACAI ANTI POLLUTION MASK