Miseenscene is Korean brand launched in 2000, and belongs to Amore Pacific group. Miseenscene specializes in hair beauty products with luxurious image. The brand was awarded by Beauty Awards Korea and Elle Girl Programs as an one of the top hair care brand in Korea.

In April 2003, Miseenscene expanded its product line to include styling and hair-care products, making it a total hair-fashion brand. Miseenscene skincare line specializes in hair beauty products with luxurious image of classic movie stars.
Miseenscenes products include shampoos and conditioners, hair special cares, hair styling products, as well as hair coloring.

Mise-en-scène is a total hair cosmetics brand that offers a diverse range of products that help you achieve smooth and silky hair with the modern styling you want. Borrowing a term from film that refers to directing, we believe you should direct your own hair destiny. In collaboration with hair artists, Mise-en-scène has developed products for healthy hair and perfect styling as you want. We host events to help you learn and engage with the latest products and to learn new hair techniques from the experts. Some of our cutting edge products include our Perfect Repair Line for Intensive Care, our Professional Line with customized solutions based on specific hair concerns, our hair coloring products, and our styling products which adds a stylish finishing touch to your hair. Our Perfect Repair Serum has been a best-seller in Korea since 2011.