Cosmetics inherit the perfect beauty of an empress
Whoo' in the brand name is from the character 5 [whool' meaning an empress, for which its one syllable emphasizes the
beauty of simplicity.
The History' implies that the brand encompasses both the Oriental thoughts and the history of the empress' secret beauty
formula, while signifying that Whoo's products are sincerely made just like an oriental herbal medicine.
“Gold & Amber” for the pomp of royal court and the supreme virtue
Amber. regarded as the best jewelry for accessories. has been thought to have a protecting power and considered as
one of the seven treasures (til.
The inspiration comes from the special value of the amber made from ancient life forms.
The History of Whoo represents a tribute to the empress. for which the design carries the history and dignity.
Lively calligraphy that resembles a traditional Korean string instrument
Haegeum is a traditional Korean string instrument and is always used as a part of a wind ensemble for musical balance
and harmony. This inspired the creation of "cosmetics for balance in the skin."
The History of Whoo's logo is created by Master Yangjun Park with his lively brush strokes.
The oriental beauty ofthe elegant curves and lotus remind us ofan empress
An empress symbolizes modern women as well as the origin of life.
Whoo' honors the fundamental beauty and emphasizes femininity with curves. which is finished with a touch of
mystique of the lotus symbol that represents both a purifying ingredient and Oriental beauty.