Uneven Skin Tone

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    My Skin Mentor Dr. G Discovery Set – Brightening Peeling Gel – Korean Cosmetics

    Brightening Peeling Gel is a gentle peeling gel that visibly lifts dead skin with a blend of skin-loving ingredients such as Trehalose and Hollyhock extract for a naturally radiant complexion. Features and Benefits:
    • A gentle peeling care without skin irritation. -Natural cellulose, which contains ample moisture, smoothly removes dead skin cells without skin irritation.
    • Brightening effect - Vitamin C, E which gives brightening effect, and black willow, which gives skin clearing effect, help togive you clean and bright skin tone.
    • Moisturized and Transparent skin texture -Low stimulated natural peeling effect with soothing and moisturizing effect. With ingredients of honey, trehalose and hollyhock help skin to be moisturized and clear.
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