It’s Skin PRESTIGE Lotion Ginseng d’Escargot 140ml 1
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[It’s Skin] Prestige Lotion Ginseng D’Escargot 140mL

It's Skin PRESTIGE Lotion Ginseng d'Escargot 140ml

[It’s Skin] Prestige Lotion Ginseng D’Escargot 140mL


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Its skin Prestige Lotion Ginseng Descargot Contains snail secretion filtrate(21%), the secretion of snail feeding on Ginseng is remarkable skin improvement system and SAPONIN from Ginseng extract makes its own natural skin healthy. Nutrition care line with snail grown with patented red ginseng from Korea. It gives firm and bright skin. And improve and repair dull and skin blemishes quickly. It treat wrinkles and provide bright and clear skin tone. Strengthen skin and provide rich elasticity with red ginseng’s saponin. Protect skin from external environmental skin irritation give silky elastic skin.


This lotion from the It’s Skin Prestige Lotion Ginseng D’escargot contains snail secretion filtrate (21%), this secretion is due to snails feeding on Ginseng, which is a remarkable skin improvement system with Saponin from Ginseng extract. With such natural ingredients, your skin is bound to thank you with the purest form of radiance and glow.


  • Ultra hydrating on skin without any greasy feel
  • Contains snail secretion filtrate (21%)
  • Ginseng calms the skin and works well for sensitive skin as well
  • Noticeable brighter skin after the first use and more even skin tone after using the cream for a long period of time
  • Instant skin texture boost, improves fine lines, wrinkle areaActive Ingredients:Snail filtrate (21%), ginseng extract (7%), niacinamide, adenosine, snow lotus extract, etc.

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moisturizing lotion, Moisturizer

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All Skin Types

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Men & Women

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Korea ? Republic of




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After face wash apply onto face from center to outward.

Additional Information: It’s Skin is a leading cosmeceutical brand in South Korea that provides Clinical Skin Solutions for various skin concerns and beauty needs of customers worldwide. Developed by Dermatologists from Seoul University, these skin care and cosmetic products are formulated using the best of natural ingredients and innovative scientific methods to give you effective products that enhance your natural beauty!