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Tonymoly Perfect Eyes Brow Master #02 Natural Brown

Tonymoly Perfect Eyes Brow Master #02 Natural Brown


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Brow Pencil Brow Powder Brow Cara. Complete the perfect natural Brow. Product Info. 3 In 1 Products.


3 in 1 product, multi-brow that completes natural and perfect eyebrow

Brow Pencil + Brow Powder + Brow Cara.

1. Pencil + Powder + Cara in one product! you can make perfect make-up with 3 different formulations.

2. It is hard formula formulatioin and it is drawn without clustering, and the sharp shape of diamond completes the delicate and natural brow.

3. The porous powder particles adsorb sebum and the wax oil component repels moisture to maintain the brow makeup for a long time.

  • A long-wear 3 in 1 multi brow with brow pencil, powder and cara let you achieve natural brow effortlessly.
  • 0.2g + 0.3g + 1.6g
  • Formulated wth wax oil, it controls and absorbs excessive sebum.


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Eyebrow Makeup, Eyebrow Pencil, Tint Eyebrow

Skin Type

All Skin Types

Cosmetic Type

Eyebrow Pencil



Ideal For

Men & Women

Country of Manufacture

Korea ? Republic of




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1. Draw the eyebrow shape using pencil.

2. Fill your eyebrows with powder.

3. Makes color naturally using mascara.

4. Outline the brow shape with brow pencil.

5. Fill out the blank with brow powder.

6. Lastly apply brow cara for natural coloring.