ACC Cleaner Starter Package
ACC Cleaner Starter Package – kmall fest

SOON ACC Cleaner Starter Package – rust celaner, surface cleaner

ACC Cleaner Starter Package

SOON ACC Cleaner Starter Package – rust celaner, surface cleaner


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ACC Cleaner Starter Package, which removes discoloration, stains, and harmful bacteria covered in black at once and prevents gloss and discoloration at once.

  • 16 harmful ingredients are tested. They can be used without irritating or odor.
  • ACC polish is four times larger than other companies, so it can be used economically because it is semi-permanent.
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Discoloration – Colour that cannot be washed away, ACC-polishing solves
black discolored oxide on the surface of accessories, ACC-polishing treated with special cleaning agents and antioxidants.
Remove only the oxide film without damage to accessories.

Cleanse hard and worried germs at once with ACC cleaner.
Nano-Ion cluster technology, using nanoparticles that are half as small as water and are more active than water.
Deeply penetrates the accessory’s hard to reach and removes the four major human harmful bacteria that are hard to clean and invisible within 30 seconds.

Antibacterial sterilization
Helps with hygienic care of accessories that come in direct contact with the skin every day, which can even cause bacterial dermatitis.
(Anti-bacterial performance report 完 – Salmonella / E. coli / Staphylococcus . etc )

Brightening effect and anti-corrosion technology, always managed as new
if you just washing simply a accessories, not only glosses but also inhibits discoloration.
Because it does not shave off the surface, it can be used in gemstones such as cubics and pearls.
Prevent rust-prone watches and accessories from oxidation and corrosion due to special ionization.
(If accessories was rusty already will be not removed)

Hazardous Components ZERO
It is a safe cleaning agent made by ionizing water without harmful substances, with 0% alcohol and chemicals.
It breaks down pollutants and germs safely without any alcohol smell and skin irritation.
(All 16 major human harmful substances are non-detected – methanol, arsenic, chloroform, ethylene oxide, naphthalene, chlorine, propyl butyl carbamine acid, glycoxate, etc.)

Also, it doesn’t irritate your skin, so anyone can use it with confidence.
(Skin stimulation test 完)

Enough useful
4x the size of ACC polishing in Korea and 4x the size of other companies can be reused semi-permanent

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500 ml

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